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We provide our select group of authors a full range of publishing support. Acanthus can assist you in all phases of manuscript development — concept creation, structure and organization, copyediting, and ghostwriting, or we can simply act as your editorial sounding board. Once your manuscript is finalized, our graphics design department can help you lay out the manuscript in book format to the printer's specifications, design cover art, and create or acquire appropriate illustrations. We provide proofreading and indexing services as well as assist you in the process of obtaining the International Standard Book Number, bar code, and Publisher Cataloging in Publication. Once the prepress process is finalized, Acanthus is equipped to manage the relationship with the printer right up to the point of delivery of the finished product to your door.

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Content Development — Editing, Ghostwriting, Proofreading, Bibliography

Print Publishing — Books, Articles, Chapters, Workbooks, Newsletters

Audio CD, Video, DVD

Internet — E-Books, PDF Manuals, On-Line Presentations


Content Development

Acanthus approaches publishing as a two-step process. First create the content, then decide the format — or perhaps multiple formats — for publication. We can work with material that you have already written (such as newsletter articles or other journalistic pieces) and organize it into a new format, rework and add new material, or help develop original content from your ideas with our team of ghostwriters and editors. If you speak frequently, we can provide opportunities for recording your content in an audio format, or create a subscription series for your works. We take your ideas and help finalize the project to turn them into a reality. Whether it's in print, multimedia, or Internet-based, we can make it happen.

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Print Publishing

Acanthus will work in full partnership with you to achieve your publishing goals. Our firm has extensive experience in authorship and publication and we will work with you to self-publish, publish under the Acanthus imprint, or prepare your work for submission to a mainstream trade publisher.

Acanthus Publishing provides you with a menu of services to ensure the smooth and flawless publication of your works. This approach provides you with one-on-one support to ensure that you meet your guidelines and timelines for production.

Manuscript Development   We can provide concept development, editorial and copywriting services, and manage the process of manuscript creation to the extent that you wish, acting as your full writing partner or merely your sounding board. Our professional staff of in-house writers and editors will help you with structure and organization, style and grammar, research, case studies, and bibliography. We will work with you to create manuscripts for tip booklets, articles, chapters, newsletters, workbooks, or complete texts.

Book Proposals   We work with you to create a proposal, find an agent, rework sample chapters, and develop structure to make your work marketable to trade publishers.

Compliance Issues — Copyright, ISBN, Bar Code, Publisher Cataloging in Publication   We facilitate any copyright issues for your book, including obtaining an International Standard Book Number, bar code, and Publisher Cataloging in Publication.

Indexing and Glossary   We carefully detail, describe, and cross-reference your key terms to make your text accessible to the reader.

Cover Art, Illustrations and Graphics    We customize graphics and designs to support the style of your book. We can draft and finalize everything from icons and graphs to images and covers to fit your creative and artistic needs.

Layout and Design   For every book we publish, we work with the author to create a customized layout that meets the personality of each writer while maintaining visual and textual clarity.

Copyedit and Final Proof   The manuscript and final review phases require a critical and meticulous eye. Our editing team will fine-tune your work for consistency and accuracy, ensuring that all spelling, grammar, and internal references are correct.

Managing Printer Relationship    We arrange and handle the entire print job from start to finish with our trusted printing companies. We will manage all necessary steps from obtaining a price quote to viewing the blueline proofs and galleys.

Distribution and Fulfillment   Although we do not currently offer distribution or fulfillment services, we will help you find companies or businesses that do.

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Audio CD, Video, DVD

Acanthus Publishing has long-standing relationships with a network of independent contractors who will produce quality multimedia materials. In today's high-tech world, the printed word is often accompanied by an instructional DVD, a promotional video, or a motivational CD. When you partner with Acanthus to create multimedia products, you will have access to high-tech recording studios, the top engineers in Boston, and accomplished corporate videographers. After the video or audio has been edited together into your final product, Acanthus helps you design and organize packaging and manages duplication.

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Online products are an increasingly popular alternative to print publishing. The books you publishing with Acanthus can be made available in a downloadable PDF format for purchase on your website. You may choose to produce electronic products as supplements to your current catalog. Acanthus will guide you through both the editorial and technological aspects of "eProducts," which range from eBooks, online presentations, and PDF manuals.

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"Writing my book with Acanthus has been intense and educational while at the same time enjoyable and seamless. The staff is responsive and knowledgeable, providing the necessary guidance to complete the exhaustive process of writing a book with minimal stress."

— Dr. Calvin Mackie
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, author of A View from the Roof - Lessons for Life & Business

"My company essentially came alive when I hired The Ictus Initiative. After eight years in business, I was in a rut. They created a stunning website that truly reflected my personality and my company, they handle all of my media relations, and now they are publishing my first book through their new venture, Acanthus Publishing. The staff is attentive and creative and most important: highly communicative. It always feels like a collaboration; they have become my business partners who have brought Renaissance Interior Design to a fabulous new level."

- Jayne Pelosi
President, Renaissance Interior Design, author of Interior Divine: Walking You Through the Transformation of Your Home

"Working with Acanthus was a remarkable experience. In three months, they took my content from rough draft to published book. If you want your book edited, designed, and published by a group of highly skilled professionals, Acanthus is for you!"

— Stever Robbins,
Cambridge, MA, author of It Takes a Lot More than Attitude… To Lead a Stellar Organization

"I partnered with Acanthus to write a chapter for a management book. Having never worked with the writer, I used an Olympus DM-1 to record segments of the chapter and sent them via email. The advantage was that not only did the writer have my "words," he was also able to hear my "voice." What an advantage! The chapter was a great success. It was the easiest and most effective chapter I've ever written."

— Greg Maciolek,
President, Integrated Management Resources, Inc., Knoxville, TN


Acanthus Imprint
The Acanthus Editorial team carefully reviews each proposed publication and selects only projects we believe have merit, a place in the market, and the potential to advance the professional reputation of the author. We also seek to build a cohesive line of titles so that our brand will stand for quality business and professional development publications authored by experts who want to share their knowledge and experience with fellow learners who seek to improve their contribution to the workplace.

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