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 canthus Publishing provides professional publishing support to subject-matter experts by providing a hybrid alternative to self-publishing and publication through a trade imprint. Our approach offers you a third party solution so that your book does not have the taint of "vanity publishing," while allowing you to maintain control of the manuscript, layout, and design of your book, as well as the distribution and marketing of the finished title. Publishing with Acanthus allows you to remain in the driver's seat and publish the content you intend, in the format you choose, with the look you envision, and in the timeframe you define. Acanthus works with authors seeking to publish on topics relating to business, professional development, self-help, and other nonfiction specialty areas.

Acanthus Publishing partners with authors like you to determine the best strategies to achieve your product development goals. We will work with you to create and produce articles, chapters, newsletters, workbooks, or complete texts. We can also help you create audio and video or Internet-based electronic products to expand beyond your print offerings. We collaborate with you in furtherance of your professional objectives to help you advance your business, consulting, training, or coaching practice or professional speaking career. You can delegate as much or as little of the creation and production process to us as suits your schedule and interest.

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Confusing the Enemy
Confusing the Enemy:
The Cus D'Amato Story

By Dr. Scott A. Weiss & Paige Stover
This biographical novel explores the enigmatic life of Cus D'Amato with all the accuracy possible, given the fact that everybody you talk to has a different version of the facts and a different spin on the truth. Many people loved and respected Cus. Others thought he was crazy. Regardless of your position, if you love boxing, you will not be able to put this book down.
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What They Say

"Writing my book with Acanthus has been intense and educational while at the same time enjoyable and seamless."

Dr. Calvin Mackie
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
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